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What is APAAN?

It is a white-light yellow crystalline substance made from benzyl cyanide. People import it under several names. Some of these names are false. The product can be used as a reagent or raw material.  APAAN is an analytical reference substance structurally categorized as a precursor to amphetamine. It is also used to make phenyl acetone which people modify to synthesize amphetamine. It is important to note that APAAN is a regulated substance meant for research and forensic purposes. You can also use it as a reagent or raw material in organic synthesis both in industrial and scientific research. There are very few know legal uses for APAAN.

Can you convert APAAN to BMK?

Yes, there are several ways of doing that. You can do it using the following methods:

By using phosphoric acid

You can use sulfuric acid where the required heat is generated via cooking vessels or exothermic reaction between sulfuric acid and water.

By using hydrochloric acid

Of late, authorities have been very tough on clandestine laboratories that convert APAAN to BMK and other precursors. They investigate these labs just like other big labs that make synthetic drugs. It is worth noting that converting APAAN to BMK has so many hazards and risks that come from the used chemicals and the production equipment. When you use acids with defective equipment like heating materials and plastic barrels it is likely to cause more threat.  Mostly, producers of APAAN make some modifications to the vessels which are likely to cause issues during stabilization, dismantling, transport and storage.

Authorities are trying the best to eliminate APAAN and other related salts as schedule 1 drugs under substance act. People use APAAN illegally in clandestine labs to make illegal substances such as methamphetamine. APAAN is very crucial in making these substances. However, APAAN will not be eliminated entirely since the substance is still crucial for several purposes. Most transactions no matter the size are regulated. The law also suggests that any other product with APAAN should be regulated.

Is it easy to buy APAAN ONLINE?

As you have seen above, APAAN is a regulated substance which means that buying or selling it is regulated by the authorities. Because of this, it makes it hard for people to obtain this chemical substance. However, this does not mean it is impossible. You can easily buy it online if you know how to do it. When purchasing, watch out for the fake online vendors who will trick you into buying APAAN. Do a proper research and ensure that you are purchasing from a reliable vendor.

Where can you buy APAAN online?

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Final thoughts

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